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Why Do I Need Computer Repair?

Computers are personal and essential to modern everyday life. When your computer slows down or stops functioning, this can turn into a stressful situation. At Computer Repair Plus, our skilled technicians take control of the situation and ensure a hassle-free computer repair process for your convenience.

We Repair Your Device
Whether you use your computer for work, school, or gaming, you won’t hit a snag quite like breaking your computer. For instance, you could require a screen repair. If your computer boots up like normal, but no picture displays on your screen, this is a frustrating experience. Faulty hardware or loose connections could be the culprit behind your troubles.

Or, imagine that you go to boot up your computer but it does not respond to you. It shows no signs of life. This can cause intense anxiety because all your files, software, and work are seemingly lost in the broken device.

We Help You Choose An Effective Anti-Virus Software
Viruses and malware compromise the efficiency and security of your device. Many people use a combination of secure searches, ad blockers, and VPNs to protect their gadgets. Still, the most effective tool at defending yourself from a malicious virus is to download an antivirus tool.

With so many options on the internet, you may not know where to start. Every virus tool offers a similar package of benefits at varying price points, but you cannot tell which ones are the most effective. However, professional computer technicians know what works best. Our experienced technicians have the experience and knowledge to discuss your options for an antivirus tool and narrow them down to just a few options.

You may be suffering from an unresponsive keyboard or mouse. The issue could be as simple as rebooting or unplugging the USB. However, the issue may lie within the motherboard. A motherboard issue may require professional attention for a reliable fix.

Whatever the problem is, Computer Repair Plus offers expertise and attentive customer care for your needs. We pride ourselves on affordable repairs with high-quality customer service. With years of experience, our technicians can handle any crisis, and likely within the same day that you turned it over! In this industry many businesses turn over your private devices to a third party. We guarantee that your computer will be worked on in-house.

We Remove Malware and Viruses
By the time you notice a virus has infected your computer, it is too late to take preventative measures. Now, you need aggressive tools to dig the viruses from your systems. Our malware removal experts have developed in-house tools and processes to clean your computer. Best of all, you may not have to worry about installing a new operating system and losing all your files. Our tools can usually root out the infection and eliminate it before resorting to a factory refresh.

Hardware Repair and Upgrades
When your computer starts to run slow, it may be an issue with outdated hardware. Tech companies keep the demand up for new technology by constantly innovating and improving on older hardware. Innovation puts many of us in the position of having outdated hardware that cannot run new software efficiently, if at all. Instead of rushing out to claim the latest model, you can upgrade your computer’s power with low cost and simple hardware updates. Think about improving the performance of your device with these hardware upgrade options:

Upgrade Your RAM – RAM is critical to your device’s performance because it creates a point for quick access when using those applications. Installing additional RAM or replacing it with more capacity will allow your system to handle simultaneous applications faster and more efficiently.

Upgrade Your Hard Drive – Large hard drives have become less popular with the advent of convenient cloud data storage. However, a robust hard drive offers secure local storage for your software and files. We can even install multiple hard drives in your device for secured back-up files and more memory.

Upgrade Your Processor – If you want to improve your computer’s speed and efficiency, then upgrading your processor is one significant way to do so. The processor is located on the motherboard and requires an exact match to work. We can help you identify what processor fits your device, and install it if desired.

Hardware upgrades can drastically improve the speed and performance of your device. If you don’t want to purchase the latest and greatest device on the market, buying a more robust processor, RAM, or hard drive can provide that added power you need.

Building A Computer?
Tech-savvy individuals have learned that they can often build a computer to their specifications. It does not require a lot of expertise, and the result is a more potent device than what is available on the market. Custom built computers are great alternatives to store-bought ones because you can build them with your desired hardware.

If you are working on building your computer, or want someone to make a computer custom to your needs, Computer Repair Plus offers a variety of services. We consult with you to discuss everything about the custom building process. We order the parts that you need, the software that you will actually use, and help you put the whole thing together. Our computer building team has extensive background experience building PCs for users. We guarantee prolonged stability, optimal performance, and speed to last you for years to come.

Need Computer Repair Services?
Computer Repair Plus is a boutique computer repair company. We offer world-class repair services in-house, usually within the same day you bring your device in. Drop by for our expert services or contact us about any questions you may have!

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