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4 PC Hardware Problems Solved

Do you know that many software or operating system problems arise due to defective or incompatible hardware? However, we understand that solving hardware issues is more complicated than troubleshooting software-related problems. But, don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Here are some computer hardware problems and a computer hardware technician’s solutions.

1- Blank Monitors

One of the most common computer problems is a blank black screen. Most people think it’s due to operating system defects, but that’s wrong. Often, this issue is caused due to supply cord or power system issues. Simply check the video cable to see if it’s loosened. In that case, push the cable in its again. Now, you’re good to go!

2- Jumpy Mouse

If you can’t see your cursor move on the screen, you might have a jumpy mouse.

A jumpy mouse means that your mouse is muted and can’t scroll. Hence, if you have a ball and track mouse, turn it over to open the ball container. Clean this thoroughly and remove any debris that you find. Ensure that the rollers don’t have any dirt. However, if your computer has an optical mouse, remove the dust around the optical sensor to ensure it works well.

3- Overheating

Laptop users often have to face overheating issues with their laptops. However, this isn’t a software or operating system issue. This problem often occurs when your computer casing doesn’t have a proper cooling system.

Due to its absence, your computer’s components can start generating excessive heat while you’re using your computer. If you notice your computer or laptop getting too hot, stop using it immediately, switch it off, and wait for it to cool down before starting it again. Moreover, you should also inspect the computer’s fan to ensure that dust doesn’t affect its functioning.

4- CMOS Errors

The CMOS or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor is a chip that stores all the necessary information in your laptop or computer. However, if you notice CMOS alert messages on your screen, it might have a defect. Most times, CMOS defects aren’t fixable, so the only option is to remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard and replace it with a new battery.

A hardware technician using tools to fix motherboard issues

However, due to the absence of necessary tools, you can’t fix every hardware issue like a professional computer hardware repair technician. But we can assist you! At Computer Repair Plus, we have the best computer mechanics near you that will fix your device’s hardware issues at affordable rates.

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