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Apple Store vs. Computer Repair Shop – What Should Be Your Choice?

The Apple stores are iconic in their own right. From the large clear windows to the white design and silver color motif. They’ve played as much of a part in Apple’s legacy as the company’s devices.

However, once the device has been purchased, should you revisit the Apple Store every time there’s an issue with your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone?

Here’s what you should know about getting your device fixed at the Apple store vs getting it fixed at a computer repair shop:

1. The Wait Time

Apple sells tens of millions of products every year. This means that all those customers would be showing up at their local Apple stores to get their devices fixed. With all their hardware technicians busy, you’ll have to wait for long periods to get your device fixed.

That just isn’t possible for everyone. Can you imagine being away from your phone for a single day, let alone a week? And if you get your work done on your personal laptop, then you’ll be missing out on a week or two of productivity.

Local service providers will make you a priority and getting the work done much sooner, thus saving your time.

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2. The Cost of Repair

Regardless of the service, Apple’s repair and replacement prices tend to be extremely high. Sometimes, if you’re getting a screen replacement for an older iPhone, you may end up paying more than the phone’s actual worth.

Your local mobile repair shop would repair your cellphone for a far lower cost, thus allowing you to have a more premium experience, while still saving money. Additionally, if you intend to sell the phone later, you’ll be able to cover the cost of repairs through the selling price.

3. Personal Service

With all the processes going through corporate machinery, you probably won’t get anything more than an email regarding your MacBook’s battery replacement. Apple will acknowledge the issue, tell you the cost, and expect you to pay it.

With the mobile phone technicians at a computer repair store though, you’ll be getting more personal service. That means getting the issue explained to you patiently, having the technician tell you the list of options you have, and then picking the best option for yourself.

At an Apple Store, you may not be able to even understand the issue with your device before shelling out a lot of money to get it resolved.

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