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Troubleshooting Operating System Problems

Do your windows keep glitching? Does a specific Linux command stop working when you need it the most? We understand how frustrating that can be when you’ve to visit a computer technician to fix operating system problems every time. However, we’re here to help, and we can assist in solving your operating system problems yourself.

Scroll down to read more and learn to troubleshoot operating system issues from the comfort of your room.

Common Symptoms of Operating System Issues

Here are some indications that there is something wrong with your operating system. Moreover, we have also discussed some common troubleshooting ways with each problem.

1- Blue Screen of Death

The blue screen of death is every computer user’s worst nightmare. This happens when your device is stuck on a blue screen. When BSOD occurs, there’s some hardware malfunction or damaged drivers in your device. You can solve BSOD by moving forward through the safe mode or carrying System Restore.

2- Booting Failure

Another common issue in computers with any operating system (Linux, Mac, or Windows) is the failure to boot properly. This problem happens when the operating system is corrupt or a system’s boot order changes. To solve this issue, you should check the boot sequence in the BIOS setup.

If that doesn’t work, you should consider reinstalling your operating system immediately.

3- Sudden Shutdown or Restart 

If your computer suddenly shuts down or restarts when you’re using it, or it seems to be stuck on the restart phase when you’re opening it, there’s a power issue.

However, this is not always the case as the issue can be related to software or hardware. Check the BIOS and power sources to determine the root cause of the issue before moving further.

However, we recommend contacting a professional to get this issue solved as the method is complicated.

4- Slow System Performance

How many of you had to change your device or reinstall your operating system because it kept hanging? Almost all of us can relate. However, you can easily solve this problem yourself by ensuring that the latest version of the operating system and all applications are installed.

A glitching MacBook screen indicating operating system issues

Without troubleshooting your operating system problems, you’ll be stuck in an endless cycle of detecting new issues every day and stressing over them. However, you can’t troubleshoot all your operating system issues yourself. At Computer Repair Plus, our computer and laptop technicians can fix your operating system issues and make your device run smoothly.

Moreover, our product repair technician can also solve hardware issues in your devices. Get in touch with us for experienced repairs in San Antonio.

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