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What to Do If Your MacBook Won’t Turn On?

MacBooks are amongst the most popular laptop brands in the market. Despite only a few models coming out every year, they tend to have the highest margins of profits.

However, they aren’t perfect machines, and you are likely to see a few problems with your device if you use it over a long period. Along with screen repairs and battery replacements, one of the most common issues with laptops tends to be that they suddenly stop turning on.

Here’s what to do if your Apple MacBook won’t turn on:

1. Check the Power Connection

This is the simplest way to resolve the issue, yet it’s also the one that most people don’t even think of checking. It is possible that your device may be out of charge, and that the charger is not able to power it up for some reason.

To ensure that there’s no issue, plug the charger into the wall socket firmly, and then connect the MagSafe or USB-C cord to the laptop. If this doesn’t cause the laptop to boot up, then either the charger is damaged, or the laptop’s charging slot is.

Note that the MagSafe port may indicate that the laptop is charging, but it may not be charging. Try another charger. If that doesn’t work either, you should contact a MacBook repair technician.

2. Is There an Issue with the Display?

There’s a possibility that the laptop is working fine, but the display has an issue. To check this, press the laptop’s power button for 10 seconds. That should turn the laptop on. If you hear the startup sound and the fans are responding, that indicates that the screen has malfunctioned.

You should try to increase the laptop’s brightness, as it could be turned down. But if that doesn’t turn the display on, you probably should get it checked out by a computer repair store.

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3. Take it to A Computer Mechanic

You probably haven’t had to repair your MacBook by yourself, and this isn’t the time to start. Opening up your MacBook without the proper tools can void the warranty. What’s more? Given the complex architecture of MacBooks, it’s very likely that an untrained person may destroy the machine entirely.

When performing diagnostics, it is always recommended to work with a trained professional to ensure that the machine remains in perfect working condition.

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