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3 Common Windows Operating Problems and Their Solutions

Windows is probably the most popular operating system among computer users globally. More than ¾ of desktop users use this operating system, greater by five times against MacOS users, Window’s biggest rival. However, many individuals who upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 reported having a bad experience with its features.

In 2015, Windows 10 was launched as the successor to Windows 8, which was much maligned by the users. Since then, it has been widely downloaded around the world on more than 1.3 billion devices.

Although, as compared to Windows 7 and Windows Vista, the new Windows 10 faces fewer security issues and risks, this does not mean that Windows 10 is the perfect operating system in the world.

Here are some common issues with Windows Operating System and advice on how to solve them:

Cannot Upgrade From Older Windows Versions

One of the most common issues users can face when upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8 is the warning or error that says “Get Windows 10”, and then incompatible apps or the app may not appear, which ultimately leads to a failed update. Here are the steps you can try to run the new OS:

  1. Open Control Panel > run windows update (you should ensure that the PC is fully up-to-date). If the windows update does not work, then run the troubleshooter.
  2. You can use the Media Creation Tool. (Open this link and download the tool. After saving the tool, run it on the PC.) If the media tool did not work for you back in 2015 when it was first launched, try it again because it has been upgraded since then.
  3. You can try to refer to your motherboard manual for help. Check if hardware Disable Execution Prevention is switched on in BIOS. If the problem persists, then try:     

Start Menu > performance (adjust the appearance and performance of Windows) > Click Data Execution tab (and also turn on DEP for all programs and services) > Finally click Reboot.

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Low Storage Problems

So, you have successfully installed Windows 10. But the obsolete version of the windows is still hanging around in your disk space, using up valuable storage. You might wonder why this happened. Instead of prompting to permanently delete your previous files, Microsoft holds on to the older OS in the C:/ drive. This is in place so you can switch back to your previous OS if you don’t like the new one.

If you have gotten used to the new operating system and wish to permanently delete the older OS, click the Windows Start button on the keyboard. In the search bar, type “Clean Up”. You should find a “Disk Clean” app appear on your screen under the search bar. Click on “Disk Clean” to open the application and notification window.

You will notice a drive selection box. The default drive is usually the C:/ folder for an OS installation, so you should ideally select this drive. If you know where your OS is installed, then select that drive. But, If you are confident that C:/ drive that holds your old OS, click OK to delete. At this point, Windows will scan your system, and a pop-up notification will come on screen.

Here you will have to face two scenarios. One, you could be presented with a list of files to delete, one of which will be “Previous Windows Installations”. Second, you don’t see any files. Here, you will need to select the “Clean up system files” option on the bottom left of the notification box.

Windows will do some more scanning and calculations, and you will find yourself with another notification box. “Previous Windows Installation” should be on this list now. And it should be taking a sizeable chunk of your disk space, approximately 5GB. Check the option, and click OK. A separate notification window will open asking you to confirm your decision. Click delete files and you will be done.

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Cortana “Not Available”

Cortana is one of the most attractive features of Windows 10. But windows localization options are needlessly complicated. Even localization issues in computers were correctly upgraded from Windows 7 and Windows 8. The issue seems to be arising from the American date format MM/DD/YY. But even in regions where Cortana was available, it wouldn’t work on local computers.

Here is how you can fix it: click open the Start Menu. In the search bar, search for “region”. It will list down matching apps and settings. Choose “Region and Language Settings” check that your home region is selected under Country or Region. And check for your chosen language under the language selection option. Select your primary language, select option, and click download for the speech and language pack if they are present.

Check if your keyboard selection is correct. If it is not selected correctly, select your keyboard and remove the wrong one. Now click the back arrow and click Additional date, time, and regional settings. Click change input methods. Choose your language and move it to the top of the list and click options. You will see the Windows Display Language option. It will either enable or be available. If it is available, you will need to download and make it a primary option,

Now click the back arrow, go to language preferences settings. On the left-hand pane, select change date, time, or number formats and check if the correct format and language are selected. Check home location on the location tab. In the administrative settings, check System Locale and click the Copy settings button to apply the settings to the Welcome Screen and new user accounts.

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