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A Complete Guide to Handling MacBook Power Issues

Has your MacBook started to fail to power on? Or has it been shutting down abruptly without warning?

If yes, this complete guide will teach you what to look for when buying new batteries for your MacBook, how to deal with an over-charged or under-charged battery, and why you should be more careful with your MacBook in the first place.

Two kinds of MacBook power issues are among the most common laptop-related problems that can occur. AC power issues and battery issues (even in those that use lithium-ion batteries). If you have an older Mac laptop, there’s a good chance the battery is losing its charge and will need to be replaced soon.

Apple has had a reputation for being reluctant to fix them, but the company has made significant progress in addressing the issue in recent years.

Here’s what you can do about handling your MacBook’s power issues:

1. Connect your MacBook to power for at least 30 minutes

This will discharge the battery, which may help determine whether there’s a problem with the motherboard or if it’s a failing battery. If the latter is the case, this step will help determine how bad the problem is.

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2. Back up your files

Close all apps and put your work email address information in iCloud under Mail, Contacts and Calendars. This will keep all your data on the cloud.

It’s important to always back up your files before troubleshooting a problem or running to a Mac repair technician in San Antonio with your MacBook. A hard drive failure or other problem can render all your work inaccessible, so having an off-site copy can help you recover if necessary.

3. Unplug anything you don’t need to be plugged in

Any devices connected to your MacBook should be disconnected, and if you’re using wireless connections, make sure they’re turned off or disabled. If you don’t need to use a printer or other peripheral where it won’t be plugged in, leave it unplugged so it won’t draw power when it’s not needed.

4. Restart your MacBook

Restart the MacBook and hold down the “Command” key while powering it on — this forces an immediate restart instead of just turning on the display. This will prevent any software programs from loading until the system has had the time to start up and verify that everything is ready to go.

5. Reach out to professional battery replacement services for MacBook

Take your laptop for battery replacement service to the best Mac repair experts near you.

We at Computer Repair Plus offer a money-back guarantee for MacBook repair services. Our MacBook Pro battery replacement professionals provide reasonably priced and fast laptop repair services to ensure you get your repaired MacBook on the same day.  

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