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3 Hardware Updates That Will Boost Your PC’s Performance

As work from home became a norm during the pandemic, computer hardware’s demand increased exponentially. Individuals use hardware components to enhance their PC, which can help them work efficiently or make their favorite games run smoothly.

Whether you want to process extensive data files or play a heavy video game, you need to get adequate hardware to make your computer run efficiently. Keep reading this blog to find three hardware components that can amplify your computer’s performance.


The perfect way to upgrade your PC is to increase its memory by installing extra Random Access Memory (RAM) sticks. The higher the RAM, the smoother your computer software works. With increased RAM, all your apps and software on your computer will run smoothly. But how much RAM is enough? While you might have heard about supercomputers using millions of GBs of RAM, you don’t need that much for your work or gaming.

You can use 4GB RAM for your daily tasks like browsing tabs and video streaming. If you want to do slightly heavy work, you can increase the RAM up to 8GB or 16GB, and you should be good to go.

Video Graphics Card

Even though a video graphics card is second on our list, a video card should be your priority if you love gaming. It’s no surprise that using a graphics card can help you boost your computer’s performance.

However, graphic cards are becoming more expensive because of the chip shortage. But they are worth it, especially if you’re a gamer or a 3D animator.

A top-quality video graphics card

Hard Drive

Is your computer running out of storage? It’s time to install a top-quality hard drive. Your PC might run slowly if you’ve got low storage, so you can install multiple hard drives if you want to increase your computer’s storage.

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