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Hardware Installation Services in Bryan, Texas

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Hardware Updates

Computer Hardware Installation Services in Bryan, Texas - Inner Part of a Computer

Trusted Computer Hardware Installation Services in Bryan, Texas

Hardware updates and software updates go hand in hand. After all, software updates don’t mean much if you’re running that software on the wrong hardware. And while software updates have gradually become a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for the average consumer, hardware updates are a much more involved process, involving an overwhelming number of options to choose from and decisions to be made. For all your hardware installation needs, work with our computer hardware repair and installation technicians in Bryan, Texas.

To understand the importance of hardware upgrades, and the speed at which hardware technology improves, consider this: the average person’s smartphone has double the processing power of a top-of-the-line computer from just a decade ago.

The experts at Computer Repair Plus can help walk you through the dizzying array of hardware options available, and provide state-of-the-art guidance on one of technology’s most complex and fast-moving fields.

Hardware keeps your software running at peak performance levels, and hardware upgrades can extend the life of your current computer. They can also help alleviate the pain of planned obsolescence.

What is planned obsolescence, exactly? Tell us if the following sounds familiar:
When you purchased your new Computer System, it was the latest and greatest, the most up-to-date machine that money could buy. But six months or a year later, there’s already a new computer on the market – an updated version of yours that’s faster, more efficient, and generally superior in every way. Pretty soon, the world has upgraded to the new version and your version might as well be a hundred years old, instead of just a few months. Sound familiar?
The professionals at Computer Repair Plus can help you keep up with rapidly changing technology by performing simple, low-cost upgrades to your existing machine.
Call us today to find out how a computer hardware upgrade can improve productivity, increase processing speed, and keep you on the cutting edge of technology without having to purchase a whole new desktop system.


Your computer uses RAM, random access memory, to perform functions and operations. More RAM allows your computer to perform more tasks simultaneously and run faster. You can boost performance by installing additional RAM or replacing the existing computer hardware with larger memory sticks. RAM is easy to replace on a desktop, but you may have to check your user’s manual for instructions to add or remove RAM on a laptop.

Hard drive:

Hard drives on most laptops and desktop computers are modular, and can be easily swapped for a faster model with a larger memory capacity. With a larger hard drive, you can store more programs, music and photos. You can even install more than one hard drive in a desktop computer (to expand storage or to backup your files).

Optical disc drive:

Upgrading to a new DVD burner or a Blu-ray disc drive will give your computer new capabilities. An optical drive is easy to install, and you may even be able to install multiple drives on the same desktop, with one drive as the master drive and a second as a “slave” drive.


Your processor has a large impact on the speed and performance of your laptop or desktop computer. It’s also one of the easiest system components to upgrade. Before you choose a new processor, however, be sure to check the processor socket type on your computer’s motherboard. (Or we can do it for you, of course!) Your new processor needs to match that socket type to be compatible.

Video card:

Graphics processing units, or video cards, are for computers that handle heavy image processing – for example, the kind of image processing used in video games and 3-D rendering software. A new video card can boost the graphics processing ability, allowing you to play the latest games or use your computer as a high-definition entertainment center with your HDTV.
Our standard services are performed in our repair shop, during normal business hours, which helps keep costs low and saves you money. If you can’t make it to the shop, we can come to you. For an additional fee, we can travel directly to you and perform work on-site. On-site services include upgrade/updates, migration or conversion services. We can also perform services outside of normal business hours, including weekends, if needed. We will try our best to conform to your specific schedule and location needs wherever possible.