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PC Repair


PC Repair

Of all life’s most frustrating experiences – traffic jams, tax forms, stubbing your toe – most are child’s play compared to the absolutely maddening frustration of a broken PC. If your broken PC has you waging a war against technology, we’ll get you back up and running again. We’re the team to call when your desktop runs slow and your programs stop working. From corrupted hard drives to malware infections, Computer Repair Plus has all the tools and techniques you need to keep your technology – and your sanity – in good health.

No matter the size or scale of your problem, we can fix most desktop PC computers in a single visit. If your problem is software related, we might even be able to help you out online or over the phone. Nine out of ten software issues can be fixed remotely. We’ve seen it all, from a hard drive that won’t stop making funny little beeping sounds to a screen that keeps blinking on and off without warning. Our professional, qualified computer technicians are skilled masters of the mysterious world of computer woes – including some of the most common problems and afflictions that might currently be driving you insane:

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Your PC Won’t Turn On

It’s a terrifying moment for any PC owner: you press the little power button and wait patiently…but nothing happens. No beeps, clicks, or signs of life. Maybe the light on the monitor is on, but your computer is totally dead.

When you’re facing a blank screen, it can be tempting to enter full-blown meltdown mode. A horror movie of lost work and destroyed data plays in your mind. Before the fear gets any worse, it’s time to call Computer Repair Plus. In most cases, there’s a way to recover your data. Most of your documents and pictures are likely safe, just temporarily inaccessible. This computer problem simply shows that one or more of the hardware components has failed. If that’s the case, the computer experts at Computer Repair Plus can fix up your hardware and recover your lost data

fan loud

Your PC Is Loud And Noisy

A noisy computer is usually caused by a crowded task center, struggling to keep up with multiple task requests and a backlog of accumulated programs running in the background. Over time, your computer accumulates processes and tasks, performance checks, and to-do lists, and the simultaneous running of all these programs can get a little loud after a while.

Disk cleanup can help with noise reduction, and so can deleting old files that are no longer needed. Uninstalling programs you never use is a good idea, as well as getting rid of any software that’s been collecting dust on your desktop. A diagnostic scan can often reveal hidden sources of noise and areas where your PC can be cleaned up and streamlined.

Our expert team of repair technicians at Computer Repair Plus are skilled and qualified at noise reduction, helping to streamline background processes, reduce background processing levels, drive down energy consumption and get your computer purring quietly again.

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PC Stalls Out During Startup

Similar to a computer that won’t turn on or a blank screen that stubbornly refuses to boot, a computer that stalls out during start-up can be one of the most panic-inducing moments for any computer user, but it’s often an easy fix. Sometimes your computer begins to start up, but after a moment just randomly stops responding and gets frozen during the startup process. This problem can be caused by many factors, but you can run a few simple at-home diagnostics to determine the root cause.

Your PC might be trying to load or override windows from removable media. Check and remove any CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, or memory cards from your computer’s disc drives. Remove any digital cameras or external hard drives. Once all drives have been checked and emptied, try restarting your machine. If it fails again, it’s safe to assume something else is causing the problem.

If your desktop displays an error message during startup, this is probably caused by a hardware configuration problem. Your motherboard, CPU, memory or graphics card may be corrupted.

PC Freezes

PC Freezes And Restarts Without Warning

You can think of freezes and sudden restarts as your PC’s immune system functions. They’re usually defense mechanisms, steps your computer takes to prevent future damage, and they’re typically symptoms of an underlying software problem. Viruses, Trojans, rogues, malware, spyware, and adware can cause massive system instability. When your system detects a problem, it restarts automatically to protect file corruption. Freezes and restarts can be solved by cleaning out unwanted programs and spyware, upgrading drivers, or reinstalling your operating system. Our computer engineers can test for common software problems and perform immediate software repairs in most cases.

Sometimes freezes and restarts aren’t a symptom of software corruption, but rather, a sign of hardware damage. The most common cause of hardware damage is – you guessed it – overheating.

This is why regular cleaning and fan maintenance is such a crucial part of computer care. .Overheating isn’t the only cause of problems, however. Other hardware problems can cause computer freezes and restarts. Faulty power supply, graphic cards, a malfunctioning processor, or even a corrupted hard drive can all cause hardware damage. Our PC technicians will try to test your computer on-site, but the issue may be serious enough to warrant more extensive testing. In these more serious cases, we will take your faulty desktop PC to our repair facility and return it in fully working condition. There’s no extra charge for the off-site delivery and return. Repairs of this type usually take 1 to 3 days, depending on the severity of the problem and the scale of the repair required.

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Your PC Is Too Slow

Tell us if this sounds familiar: “My computer keeps running slow and when I start it up my desktop takes forever to load. Sometimes, without warning, my computer just randomly shuts itself off.  Sometimes the internet takes forever to load, no matter how simple the page is that I’m trying to pull up. Sometimes doing basic things like checking email or just browsing one of my favorite sites takes hours. Maddeningly, my PC just gives up and stops loading after I’ve already waited for what feels like an eternity, mocking me with an error message or a text block that says simply, “Unresponsive script.”

If this sounds like you or somebody you love, don’t worry – you’re not alone, and help is on the way. All computers become slower over time. You can think of slowing down as a natural byproduct of the computer aging process. Corrupt, old, and redundant files quickly build up in the computer’s code and machinery.

The accumulation of bugs, corrupt files, and background processes causes your PC to run slower and slower as time passes, eventually becoming sluggish and dull. The sad but inevitable slowness that comes with age can cause crashes, system errors, and serious slowdowns when you need your PC the most. When you find yourself waiting hours for your computer to perform the most basic tasks, it’s time to call in the professionals. It’s worth noting that while this is generally a problem for older PC’s, it can happen to new computers too, depending on the root cause of the issue


Printer, Keyboard Or Mouse Doesn’t Work

Printer, mouse, and keyboard problems are notoriously frustrating, and they can happen suddenly. Your printer, mouse, and keyboard can all be working fine one day, but go haywire the next. Booting up your computer only to discover you have no mouse is one of life’s most maddening experiences, but luckily it’s also one of the easiest to solve. In most cases, this problem is caused by a driver issue. If you’ve suddenly lost connection to your mouse, keyboard, or printer, try connecting your faulty hardware to another USB port. Disconnecting from a faulty USB port and reconnecting to a properly functioning port can help to repair minor issues quickly and with hardly any headache.

In some cases, the problem can lie with faulty hardware or a damaged motherboard. If none of your peripheral accessories (your mouse, keyboard, or printer) connected through USB are working, this is probably a motherboard issue. Sometimes a malfunctioning or disconnected Wi-Fi printer can be caused by the wrong drivers or an incorrect wi-fi router configuration.

no signal

Your PC Screen Doesn’t Show Anything

It’s an ordinary problem we’ve probably all experienced: you turn on your desktop computer,  hear it starting to boot up, and then wait for what feels like an eternity before you realize your screen isn’t working. Sometimes it stays stubbornly blank, and sometimes it loads a  “no signal found” screen. This can happen for many reasons. If you moved your computer recently, please check all your cables. Loose connections might be the culprit. If your cables look good and your connections are all tight and secure, try connecting your computer to another monitor. If the other monitor works properly, you know it’s an issue with your main monitor.

Sometimes a faulty graphics card or other hardware damage is to blame, which means it’s going to take more than restarting or reconnecting your cables to get you back up and running. If the steps mentioned above don’t solve your problem, you need a professional computer repair technician on the job – which means it’s time to contact Computer Repair Plus.

Our qualified, professional computer engineers have years of experience fixing broken screens, repairing monitors, and fixing underlying hardware issues that cause faulty monitor connections. We will test all cables, hardware, and software issues and repair any problems found. You can book a repair engineer online or call us directly at our workshop.The cost for monitor and screen repair depends on the size and scope of the job, obviously, but our qualified desktop repair technician can run a full diagnostic on your machine and provide an exact quote for repairs. If you change your mind or find the repair too pricey, you won’t be charged a dime.